Sunday, April 20, 2008

Grateful list

Today I am grateful for the following...

Sunday night family dinners
Successful and positive days at work
Clean house/room
Good books
Clorox Wipes

What are you grateful for?


Jordan and Jamie said...

I'm grateful for days off of work and for my book's the only thing getting me through the day without tv! Of course I'm grateful for Jordan and all my friends too :)

The Crawfords said...

I'm grateful for food, jamie and danielle, tonka and chris, the soup on E, my bed, and so much more!

Spencerandkirsty said...

I added you! So you should be good to go. Hope all is well with you. I have to come into Apex today so maybe i'll see ya!

Nick & Danielle said...

What I am grateful for
1)Our days at I-42
3)America's Next Top Model
4)The spring semester is over!!!

Shelly said...

I am grateful for you of course!! and many more things. I am due May 8th but plan to have it beginning of May....I will probaby be induced if I don't have it before then. I will text you when I do. I am glad we found each others blogs.. so we can keep in contact. I would love to get together soon.

savvy said...

i'm grateful to have found your blog!! haha and I'm grateful to have a husband who's done with his bachelor's degree and ambitious enough to prepare for law school. I am also grateful for the south and cameras (not necessarily together) and family.