Thursday, June 5, 2008

Utah Valley Parade of Homes

Ever since I can remember, I've always gone to the parade of homes with my mom and grandma. This year is no exception. I have managed to make it to 8 homes non of which I loved. They were all big and nice but they were either to modern or to goddy. My mom and I went to home number 18 tonight and it was beautiful, by far the only one I have liked so far. Although the base price is $610,000, I still loved it.


Coleby Breanna Chesni said...

Can i just say how much i love you! you make me laugh so hard. and i hate to say it but i think you are just a little high maitenance. i know. in a different way than we used to call johnson. ha (you know i love you both) i just love how you have a job with a huge salary and you have the top notch of everything already! hopefully your husband is someone who is already set in a career making 500 + a year as i'm sure he will be. you are awesome! i miss you. oh and i have been to some of the houses too in the parade. i think it was 27. in woodland hills. its awesome. its probably worth like 2.5 mill or more though so make sure to check it out

savvy said...

Boz! You need to blog more so I can stalk it! :)