Thursday, July 24, 2008

please don't say it is so

the past few days i have felt a little under the weather. i think there was a combination of things that brought me down physically. if you read earlier, you'd know that i am going on vaca tomorrow so i am hoping this sickness does not take over me! i have been trying to fight the sickness but have no more strength to do so, tonight i bought this......airborne nighttime and the flavor is hot apple cider!! you just drop one tablet in a cup of hot water and walla! despite the fact that I used way too much water, the heat going down my throat and the taste (and smell I might add) was just what I needed to put me to sleep. thanks Lindsay for introducing me to airborne. I am now a fan.


Lindsay Jane said...

I'm so glad I introduced you to something great! I've never had the nighttime kind, I'll get it the next time I'm sick. Have fun on vaca!

The Crawfords said...

are you still alive man?