Tuesday, September 9, 2008


i'm laying in bed, trying to fall asleep (what is new, seriously.)

maybe emptying my thoughts will stop my head from racing...

i'm wondering if little landon has now fallen asleep. about 2 hours ago, we read a little critter book together (well he read it to me) we said our nighttime prayers and we even watched the good night show. i fed him a ding dong about 20 minutes ago hoping it would keep him in bed. he has school at 8 am and needs to sleep. which brings me to my next thought...

he has to be to school at 8 am!! they didn't do their homework tonight or take baths which means we are going to have to wake up extra early to accomplish these things...have i ever seen 6 am before?

i would like to go to the moon. maybe in my next life. tonight we went to the 3D movie flying to the moon and it really was great. we had the theater to our wholeselves which was good because we went through 6 cups of water (all had to be filled up by the drinking fountain which was outside by the concession stands) 2 bags of popcorn because lolo insisted on carrying the bag and dropped the first one, 3 trips to the bathroom, 4 runs around the theater and many times of falling over because the kids were trying to grab the flying objects. 1 day down, 2 more to do.

even though kids were bouncing off any and every wall they could get their feet on, i can't wait to have kids and be a mom. it will be a completely different lifestyle than what i am doing now...someday.

i love tv. i haven't had it all summer long. tonight i watched the new 90210 which was so predictable and you knew where all story lines were going but it was still great and full of drama. i watched HGTV which i have missed terribly. i am now watching the hills, enough said.

the view was great today. i have missed the arguments and cat fights those girls can put up. man are some of them feisty. talking about sarah palin and religion got very interesting.

i miss work. well, i miss the people i work with. i miss my fish.

is it going to rain tomorrow? i really want to go to the zoo. i'm thinking this is my last chance.
lindsay, it is 11 PM at night. why are you so dedicated and still emailing your managers? and when are you going to feel like writing on your blog. i miss your thoughts.

ding dong did not work. i am now going to have a sleepover and cuddle with the little one. lucky me. i wonder if he'll like the hills.


ps. jamie, when did lauren and audrina start fighting? and justin bobby is still around? why does spencer have video games in his apartment. i still hate heidi and spencer. well, just heidi. she is wearing a white tank top over a black bra.


Jordan and Jamie said...

Ha! well...i think they started fighting when they moved in with Lo (she is a BRAT!) And justin bobby popped back in a little before that I think. He is so weird and so is heidi and spencer. How about when spencer tells heidi's sister to leave...I think I actually cried cause I felt so bad for her. Well, more than you asked for but we haven't talked hills for a long time!! it's embarrassing i care so much about this scripted show!