Thursday, December 4, 2008

dear tv people.

i'm going to be honest with you and ask, why do you suck?

i was extremely unhappy with your services and was most definately not pleased with your customer support. i know i racked up their call times week to week and yet my issue was never resolved. in my eyes, that poses a problem; long talk times + frustrated and unhappy customer = no good.

even though i am paying $5 extra each month for a tech to come to my house at my dismay and fix any problems i am having, you refused to send someone out until you sat on the phone with me yet again and then racked up those minutes and forced me to walk myself through technical steps that i have been through before and that only make me feel like i am stupid because they never work.

why do i give you this extra money each month if you are just going to play games with me and keep me on the phone?

why did you have to make things so difficult?

surprisingly enough, i cancelled. when i asked for a tech to come and remove my equipment and satellite that sits on my fence, you replied saying that you would ship me boxes and i would have to package everything up, including the satellite dish which is on my fence, and then ship it back to you. i don't get you people and i don't understand what you are doing.

thankfully, i found new tv people. these new tv people came out the day before thanksgiving and installed everything within 30 minutes. they are my heroes because i still get to pay for tv and actually enjoy it because it works. thank you new people for getting it right and making me one happy person.


kbrandon said...

who are the new tv people?