Thursday, December 4, 2008

graphing your life

i found this website and i am amazed. not sure the story behind this guy but impressive. this guy has tracked all aspects of his life and documented it using graphs, maps, lines, bars, degrees, etc. etc. etc. he has graphs showing the percentage of clothes he has purchased by color, different categories of pictures, the different locations of his pictures, map of the places he traveled by bus, by foot, by taxi...he has played over 25,000 songs on itunes, flew 57,000 miles in the air, gained 2.6 pounds and lost 1 tooth.

here is his average day. wow man, wow.

i kind of find it hard to believe that you could track this. i think i would go in sane.

Lindsay, Michelle, do you think there is a possibility that Greg is behind this?


The Crawfords said...

i'm in

Lindsay Jane said...

That is INSANE. I don't think even Greg could handle this.