Thursday, September 25, 2008

good morning...? no, good night

Texas has completely screwed up any sleeping habits cheryl and i may have previously formed. even though it is almost 5 am, we are set and ready for our 90 troops to march in tomorrow to do some great work for the people here. even though we are very hot, our hair is curly as can be, and our brains are completely burnt out, our hearts are full of excitement, success, happiness, and most importantly, gratitude. the people in texas are SO extremely nice and have been so helpful to us little utah girls in a mini van. we have made great friends and have had a few great experiences with people who were affected by hurricane ike. every little thing has fallen in to place for us and we are SO grateful for all the blessings that have carried us through this adventure.

cheryl is snug as a bug in her star blanket and can't move to turn off the light so i am going to turn in and lend her a hand. i will try to blog tomorrow; i have so many stories i don't want to forget!!


Lindsay Jane said...

I'm so, so jealous. And sad.


The Crawfords said...

I wish I could help! Good work team

Nick & Danielle said...

Dear Boz,
I miss reading your fun and NEW posts everyday. Let us know how Texas went.
Love you,

Nick & Danielle said...

You've been tagged!! It is essential that you do it...and if you don' are lame!!!