Friday, September 12, 2008

i'm back, they're back

so the aunt and uncle got stuck in hondurus for an extra night due to the hurricane which means that i get one more night and day with the little ones, so excited. the little guy and i stayed up late tonight and talked about life, made roaring noises with hand puppets on tv and laughed like 12 year old girls with crushes. it has been great to have these little friends in my life for the past few days.

as we talked tonight, i learned that popcorn is better with "light butter" and a little bit of salt. spongebob is the best show ever because he is a sponge and sponges are funny. 4000 is the highest number this 5 year old has ever counted to. sisters are ridiculous when they fight for things like the tv remote. there are way too many colors but purple is the best color, but definately not dark pink and not light pink. fourty ten really does come after 49. nightmares are not fun at all but dreams about mustard are silly. playing is the most favorite thing to do. ahh to be 5 again, what i wouldn't give.

i can't sleep at night, he can't sleep at night. so tonight, we are going to watch a little hawaiin boy teach us how to brush your teeth and watch "oobie" play the piano. most likely we'll end up over at the goodnight show. and tomorrow, we are not getting out of bed!