Wednesday, September 10, 2008

is just one more cookie really going to hurt?

so this week i've been babysitting two 5 year olds and one 7 year old. tomorrow is my last day and to be honest, i'm a little relieved. lindsay asked me if i'm ready for some crumbcrushers of my own...probably not for a bit. (which i'm sure makes you relieved as well ;) ) i love kids with all my guts and someday i'll get there, just not yet. spending only 3 days with these little ones has really made me love moms more than ever. seriously.

what do you do if the older one smacks the youngr one for putting her feet on his hand? what do you do if the lydia is front in line at the bus stop and it isn't even her day? what do you do if landon calls you a butt munch? does time out really work? if they don't eat all the chicken nuggets, does it really matter? if they sit on the cream couch with a dirty behind, is it really going to hurt anything?

as i read nie nie's blog today and read her favorite article, (which is of course on motherhood) it kind of washes all these thoughts away and puts life into perspective. i remember this article in conferece. it was so great then, it is so great now. nie nie has inspired us like her, starting today, i am going to be better. i am going to live in the moment, "cherish the little things, and the getting it done a little less."

landon, one more cookie before bed really isn't going to hurt anything...have at it and enjoy.