Wednesday, September 3, 2008

just perfect

seeing this in my window today made my day just perfect.

i absolutely love this time of year. i would like to tell you that it is my absolute favorite time but that wouldn't be fair to the christmas season. i love the crisp, cool air
that is warm enough to still wear flip flops but cool enough that you need a jacket. i love that football season has started. i don't follow it or have a favorite team or favorite player but i still love to watch it. i love that i can now spend my time up provo canyon looking at the different colored leaves and be exgtremely content. i love that grocery stores are filled with school supplies for new students. i love that i can put the heater on in my truck. i love that i can now start to wear my UGGS! oh i have missed them this summer. i love that it is finally time to burn my favorite candle, pumpkin spice. i love that halloween is only 2 months away and i can start to decorate any day now. i love that i now have to drive through two school zones to get to work. i love that i can go to the maverick and now get hot chocolate. most of all, i love the leaves from the old ladies tree next door that are starting to fall and land on my yellow lawn. my satellite dish can now be connected with the southern skies just in time for me to watch grey's anatomy which starts september 24th. welcome september, i am so happy you are finally here!


Olivia Carter said...

Hi! You are SO SWEET to leave a comment on my blog. You have NO idea how good it makes me feel when someone says they read my blog. HONESTLY!

Now that you commented I can read yours! And I totally remember meeting you.

And I love Halloween too...

sorry for the novel!

The Crawfords said...

This time of years makes me so happy I want to cry all the time, and be with you and make cookies and watch movies in your cute decorated house, and just be so happy together!!!