Sunday, October 26, 2008

witches and traffic

so the friends and i had ourselves a great little time at gardner village for witches night on friday. we didn't dress up but we sure enjoyed all the folks that did. you can see more pictures here.

on the way home, we got stuck in traffic. we were stuck for like 2 hours and then like 2 hours more. it was ridiculous. we spent lots of time playing with chesni, talking about memories, recipes, sewing classes, and tried hard to resist the urge of hitting the crochety crocheing lady. even though bre was quite upset with mine and andrea's behavior, we had ourselves a fun little time. bre, its a night you won't forget.

thanks for a fab night ladies. can't wait for next month.
ps. just know that if you miss out on the i 42 play times, you get talked about. lots. and its not always positive.


Olivia Carter said...

Hurray! I was SO excited when I saw you posted again- FINALLY!

Witches Night Out is the bomb, huh?

The Crawfords said...

Well said....well said.

Jordan and Jamie said...

So are you trying to tell me you guys talked crap on me all night? HOW RUDE!!!! I'm expecting an apology! Haha!