Tuesday, December 16, 2008

the leg lamp

the christmas story is probably one of my all time my favorite movies. we watch the marathons all day long every christmas day. you just can't get enough of it. well a few years ago, my dad received his own major award in the mail. it came in a big long crate with the words FRAGILE (prounounced Fra-jee-lay) posted on all sides. When he opened it, there lay a lamp. not just any lamp, but a leg lamp.

the christmas tree got moved to the corner and it now sits in my parents bay window for all to see.

oh dad, what will you come up with next!?


Olivia Carter said...

Scott introduced me to this movie. It's one of his families favorites too. A couple years ago Scott's sister made his dad a MAN'S leg lamp. It was all hairy & stuff. Really gross but we all laughed about it until we cried!

Scott and Brittany said...

Hey Danielle! I found your blog through Shellys. How are ya? It's been forever! Hope you have a Merry Christmas

Kacy said...

Hey Danielle, I saw your blog from Kendalls. That lamp is the funniest. Where in the world did your dad find that? How are you doing. I have a blog but it is private. But if you email me or just go to my photography one and leave me your email I will add you. kacy215@gmail.com or photographybykacy.blogspot.com