Tuesday, December 2, 2008

christmas is here!

Before i left for thanksgiving, i started to put up my christmas decorations. i got tired and left for the weekend with a messy house and an unfinished decorating job. tonight i finished and i am so happy! be prepared for lots and lots and lots of blurry, dark and crooked pictures.

the merry christmas sign above my front window. the letters are covered with antique santa paper and have gold sparkles on the backs. so cute.the berry wreath on the front door waiting for some ribbon to join it.

probably my favorite and not sure why...the sign and garland over my sink window.
i finally filled my giant wall above my table with some frames, mirrors and christmas pictures.

ok, this is favorite...the tree

the table...

the staircase with half of my lights out and i am not willing to fix it!
the ledge at the top of my staircase...i know the santa looks terrifying. he is.

and last but not least but the living room all put together. its much cuter at night with the lights hence the very dark picture!

i know i go a tad overboard but how fun is it!! have you decorated yet!?


Olivia Carter said...

Gosh... you are so darn cute I'm jealous. I have nothing up... but I did buy a bag of Mint Hershey Kisses- does that count?

The Crawfords said...

I wanna come see!!

Shelly said...

You do such a great job! I love your decorating. I am not to good at it, but I don't have very many decorations either. i will have to buy some in the future. Hope your doing well.